About us

BSO's main mission is the execution of the business requirements and the law practice in favor of the companies and not to their detriment.

Our organization is creating more professional staff, which is intended to support businesses in front of the institutions of the Republic of Kosovo, which so far have not achieved a satisfactory level of assessment of the requirements and is seeking the appropriate solutions in order to present them at legislative bodies, which are dealing directly with the business.

We believe that the role of NGOs over the course of 3 years will help a lot in building the business culture. The mission that we carry as an NGO will bring benefits for business in many areas and will have a greater impact in raising their awareness. 

Obviously, the main issues that will be handled with care are the role and the benefits of the businesses from institutions and vice-versa. 

Businesses are those that have a specific mission, when undoubtedly understood that each business has specific goals, which should be awarded in the period and time.


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Web: www.opb-ks.org
E-mail: [email protected]
Address: Str. Tringe Smajli, Nr.12/4,
10 000 Prishtine, Republic of Kosovo